Case Studies

  • Aqueous Ammonia Storage Tank Lining


    Date of Application: September, 2016

    System: Flake Filled Novolac Epoxy Lining

    Infrastructure Type: Aqueous Ammonia Storage Tank

  • Polymer Concrete Pump Pad


    Date of Application: March- 2014

    System: Saturating Concrete Primer, Novolac Epoxy Polymer Concrete

    Infrastructure Type: Industrial Pump Pad

  • FRP Tank Nozzle Insert


    Date of Application: October, 2015

    System: FRP Insert/Nozzle

    Infrastructure Type: Tank

  • Coal Pipe Ceramic Reline


    Date of Application: Summer, 2015

    System: Silicate Cement, Alumina Oxide Ceramic Tile

    Infrastructure Type: Coal Piping/Elbows

  • Structural Steel Maintenance Painting


    Date of Application: Summer 2014-16

    System: Epoxy Primer, Polyurethane Finish Coat

    Infrastructure Type: Coal Fired Power Plant; Structural Steel

  • Steel Mill Pickling Vessel


    Date of Application: October, 2015

    System: Vinyl Ester Lining, Carbon Fiber, High Molecular Weight Vinyl Ester Lining

    Infrastructure Type: Steel Pickling Vessel