Fullcoat is dedicated to putting control into the hands of our customers. As a distributor we can assess your needs objectively and make unbiased recommendations based on your priorities. We understand that deciding how to spend your maintenance dollars can have a dramatic impact on your bottom line. Let us guide you towards an educated decision and a successful project.

Support Services

  • Assessments
  • Product Recommendation
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Product Samples
  • Installation Specifications
  • Installation Oversight
  • Developing maintenance agendas
  • Customer Education
  • Fullcoat is owned and operated by Glenn Ellington.
  • Glenn Ellington

    Teaching, networking, and helping others are assets that come to Glenn naturally. He finished school with an appreciation for architectural preservation and the skills to recognize structural problems. When he is not surveying structures or helping customers, Glenn likes to golf and coach high school hockey.